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It is very easy to Jailbreak iPhone 4 5.1 because of the vast resources available on the Internet nowadays. All you have to do is type in the particular software that you need using a search engine, then you are free to modify your mobile device according to your preference. There are loads of benefits that you can get if you wish to do this to your device.

Here are 5 among the many advantages that you can enjoy if you wish to modify your mobile device:

1. Easy WiFi Synchronization

Easy WiFi Sync is one of the awesome reasons why you should modify your device. With this, you will no longer be needing a USB cable in order to sync your mobile device to the iTunes in your PC.

2. Display Rotator

SB rotator will enable you to view the display of your screen in a landscape orientation, which is definitely not offered by this device. The orientation of your display changes as you rotate your device. So having this on your mobile device will enable you to achieve twice the fun when running apps or watching your favorite video.

3. Popup SMS

Ever wanted to multi-task or do 2 things at the same time with your device? Bite SMS is what you need. This will enable you to view or compose your text messages easily. It will come up as a popup message whenever you receive a new message so you can just read or send a text without bothering to close the app that you are currently running.

4. Download Conveniently

With the Stay Opened app, you can now conveniently download apps without the App Store closing every time you do it. The app which is in the process of being downloaded will simply minimize itself in the background as you explore others that you wish to download.

5. Additional Icons

Another good thing about this process is that you can now maximize the use of your screen by adding up additional icons in its display. Usually this mobile device only allows 4 icons in its home screen display. But with a Five Icon Dock, you can now have 5.

What You Need

The benefits enumerated here are only a few of among the many benefits that you can get if you jailbreak iPhone 4 5.1. However, this process cannot be completed if you don’t have a software to do this. So why don’t you try this out to explore more ways to enjoy your mobile device?

To download the most effective and most reliable software that will help you modify your device, visit: Software To Jailbreak iPhone 4 5.1

The benefits that you can get if you wish to jailbreak iPhone 4 5.1 are definitely worth it. This will enable you to have an easy WiFi Sync, display rotator, popup SMS, conveniently download apps and it will provide additional icon display in your home screen.

To get the software for this, visit: How To Jailbreak iPhone 4 5.1

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