Jun 12


There are surely plenty of benefits that you can get if you decide to Jailbreak iPhone 4 IOS 5. You will definitely gain numerous ways of customizing your mobile device according to your needs or preferences.

However, based on user reviews, some apps are actually causing mayhem to their devices especially the ones which were acquired from unknown or unsecured sources online.

Here are some complaints from users who have tried modifying their handheld devices using unreliable softwares:

a. WiFi Sync Problem

One cool feature of modifying your mobile device is being able to sync it directly to the iTunes on your PC without the use of a USB cable. This is a great promise since the default features of this device don’t permit it to do so. But upon installing this app, some users complained about the long sync process that does not appear to have an end. They just kept waiting for it to connect but to no avail.

b. iTunes Not Recognizing the Device

Based on reviews from various users, they have encountered the message “iTunes cannot recognize the device error 0xe8000012” after modifying their mobile device. This is definitely a problem since iTunes is a vital app of this device. However, some users solve this by restarting their PC’s whenever the error appears.

How to Avoid these Problems

Deciding to jailbreak iPhone 4 IOS 5 is definitely a great idea because of the great possibilities that it can present to its user. But doing this without the right tool can expose it to various problems that can damage it or cause problems to you. Why don’t you try a software that is guaranteed to work? This software has proven itself effective based on positive user reviews.

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The problems that you can encounter if you jailbreak iPhone 4 IOS 5 are vulnerability to outside attacks, WiFi Sync and iTunes issues.

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